Electrical & Mechanical Installations

CNC Machining

cnc01Our service does not only start with receiving a drawing for manufacture, we offer a full CAD drawing and design service, to ensure that we meet, at this early stage, our stringent quality standards

Computer Numerically Controlled machining

We have a range of CNC machines able to handle a single item up to 1mtr x 1/2mtr x 1/2mtr in size and in any metal or plastic.

CNC machines offer greater speed of manufacture, repeatability for larger runs, greater accuracy in tolerances down to 0.01mm, consistency of quality and provide a more cost effective solution to our customers

cnc02Traditional Milling and Turning machining

Providing a cost effective solution to the manufacture of one off bespoke items in any metal or plastic up to 1mtr x 1/2mtr x 1/2mtr in size.

We are proud to offer this more traditional method of manufacture and still provide time served apprenticeships to those aspiring to become engineers.

Whichever method of manufacture is used, throughout the process quality standards are checked and then double checked to ensure that we get it right first time, every time.